Buy Feather Coin (FTC) online

buy feathercoin online

Our Personal Coin Rating=7/10

The coin has a strong following, and has a powerful network. 

We personally feel good chance of increasing in value in the mid to long term. 

Things to do before trying to purchase crypto currency from us.


1. Download and unzip the wallet file for your particular coin.

Wallet link is here   (must be logged in to download the wallet – just click here to register on the site first it’s free)

2. Look and find – then double click on the feathercoin coin.exe file ‘  

(The wallet will start to open and windows may ask you if it’s okay to allow this prog to connect to the internet. Click ‘yes’ allow it)

3. Wait for the wallet to sync and download all of the ‘blocks’


3. Then click the tab ‘receive’ on the wallet, and you will see an address that looks like this… hgoa4759unth9wieut8tuyt9wfosiur928uyf9we. Right click and select copy address.

4. When you purchase coins from us you will need that wallet address so that we can send coins to your wallet.

5.(optional) password encrypt and backup your wallet. For emergencies like your computer gets stolen or broken. Click here for instructions on how to do this.



After performing the above steps you will then need to order coins and pay for them to be sent to your wallet address.

Our price for Feather coins (ftc) is £20 per 100 feathercoins.

You need to click here  and then send to our email address  [email protected]  a gift certificate for the correct amount. So if for example you wish to purchase 300 world coins you will send a £30 gift certificate to [email protected]   and in the message box on the page you will enter your worldcoin receive address so we know where to send the coins. Obviously for other coins you will work out the correct amount to send and the appropriate wallet address.GET YOUR RECEIVE WALLET ADDRESS CORRECT OR ELSE YOU WILL LOSE YOUR COINS. Your coins will be send when we verify the amazon gift voucher, this can take 24-48 hours.

If you are not sure exactly what to do then email us at [email protected] and we can help you.




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